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The Foundation is based in Gdynia, ul. Hutnicza 3. It operates at the territory of the Republic of Poland. The organs of the Foundation are:

  1. The Board of Directors,
  2. The Programme Committee.

The Board of Directors

The Foundation is governed by the Board of Directors appointed by the Founder. The Board makes all factual and financial decisions concerning the activity of the Foundation and appoints the members of the Programme Committee.

The President of the Foundation is Dariusz Kaczmarek – the President of OPERON Publishing, which is the forerunner of many programmes concerning schools and teachers. It undertakes diverse activity to set the trends in the development of various aspects of school education. Its experience resulting from years of cooperation with teachers allows it to have a comprehensive view of the needs and expectations of the Polish education system.

The Programme Committee

The Programme Committee is responsible for the factual activity of the Foundation and is endowed with counselling and initiative powers. Working Committees are appointed for each thematic project initiated by the Foundation. The responsibilities of each Working Committee include:

  1. supervising projects realised by the Foundation’s Project Team, as well as proposing motions concerning the Team’s activity,
  2. giving opinions on the annual plans of activity of the Foundation’s Project Team,
  3. giving opinions on the functioning of the Foundation’s Project Team.

The Foundation’s Organization

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